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Nature’s wonders and healing properties always excited Khalil Hanounek, an architectural engineer from Syria. He formed a company that made 100% natural and organic personal products. Customers from Asia to Europe loved the soaps, creams, therapy oil and shampoos. 

And then disaster hit. ISIS took control in Syria, destroyed the entire factory and the business was gone. Hanounek fled brokenhearted with his family across the globe to Los Angeles. Hanounek wondered if he would ever use his talents again. Thena severe pain inflamed his shoulder. 

Traditional medicine didn’t work so he returned to nature. Herbs. For the next six months, he tested various herb combinations until he found a product that brought him relief—Arnica.

His discovery led to Kessab Herbs, all-natural and organic products that aid in living healthy. Hanounek now enjoys a full range of motion and his products were embraced by the doctor who treated his shoulder—and satisfied customers from all walks of life.


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