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What Are The Benefits Of Goat Milk Soap?

Now more than ever consumers have shifted their focus from mass produced to sustainable and naturally sourced products. Whether this is in the home or for our bodies, our understanding of the need for naturally derived products is increasing. The belief that only harsh, synthetic cleansers are more effective than a natural product is misguided.

The average woman can use up to 12 different products on their body daily with the potential to contain over 160 different chemicals. The dangers become clear considering the absorption of topical applications on the skin is around 60%. If we won’t ingest harmful chemicals, why should we put them on our skin?

This is where goat’s milk and its benefits come into play.

In the last few years, the benefits of goat’s milk has been rapidly becoming better understood. Its miraculous make up is no myth. From formula for babies with allergies to a whole host of goat milk based products, it's quickly becoming apparent that natural is just as good, if not better than manufactured when it comes to our skin. 

Reportedly, famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra knew the benefits of goat milk soap and bathed in goat's milk to maintain her glowing complexion. Clearly we need to go back to basics and revisit what our ancestors seemed to already understand. Natural is best.

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Why Goat’s Milk for Soap?

Products made with goat's milk, such as goat milk soap have enormous benefits to the skin. Rather than using harsh detergents or surfactants to cleanse the skin, the naturally occurring lactic acid in goat’s milk does this for you.

The benefits of goat's milk soaps comes from a combination of the lactic acid, with other naturally present acids, work to exfoliate dead skin leaving you squeaky clean without any itching, dryness, or irritation. It does this by breaking down the bonds between dead cells so that your younger, fresher skin beneath can emerge. This means that it is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin, babies, or those with skin conditions.

When we break goats milk down to better see its components, it is seriously impressive! In its natural, fresh form it is:

Full of alpha hydroxy acids such as lactic acid, for gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells.

High in B group vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, B6 and B12 -the building blocks to good skin health.

High in vitamin A which is proven to have anti-aging and reparative properties.

High in vitamin C for bright, refreshed skin.

High in vitamin D for softer skin with reduced lines and wrinkles.

High in selenium which supports the skin's natural membrane barrier.

Traces of zinc, copper and iron for healthy skin appearance.

Natural fatty acids and oils that smooth and nourish the skin. Supple skin is less likely to crack or flake.

Similar to our own skins PH level, so it doesn’t dry out skin or strip it of important natural bacteria and oils.

Creamy. We use goat milk instead of water in our base... This creamy element helps to patch cracks in the surface of our skin cells and maintain a healthy barrier and smooth skin.

Naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Hypoallergenic properties.

Take care of your skin with our soap made from responsibly sourced, natural ingredients. While it is possible to synthetically add these elements to commercial soaps, ours naturally exists in ideal quantities. In fact, its natural composition not only contains all these natural goodies, it allows for the easiest penetration to the deeper layers of our skin. This means you are caring for your skin in a more effective way that leads to better skin over time.

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The Benefits & Beauty of the Process

Our goat milk is organically sourced and cruelty free. In a process that we have perfected for over 10 years with careful chemistry and testing, we create the perfect soap. We combine goat milk and high quality oils such as virgin olive oil, and essential oils for the most nourishing result.

These ingredients are combined with lye following the ancient saponification (soap making) method in a process that takes time and careful attention. We believe we have perfected this handcrafted process to ensure the perfect lather, cleansing properties and moisturizing elements.

We also only use pure essential oils in our products. Commonly substituted with fragrance oils in inferior products, fragrance oils are known irritants. Synthetically created fragrance oils can contain up to 200 undisclosed ingredients. They can trigger headaches, dizziness, skin rashes and coughs among other reactions. We happily declare every ingredient we use and only use those that are naturally derived and responsibly sourced.

What Is Natural Goat Milk Soap Good For?

Goat milk soap has recently been proven to effectively treat acne.

GOAT Soap can be used by anyone and everyone. No matter your age, skin type or sensitivities, GOAT Soap is safe and naturally hypoallergenic.

  • Goat milk soap has recently been proven to effectively treat acne.
  • Goat milk soap is less allergenic than synthetically loaded commercial soaps and detergents.
  • It is known that goat’s milk can reduce skin inflammation, and soothes dry and damaged skin.
  • Goats milk soap can reduce wrinkles and delay signs of skin aging. Its natural emollients and triglycerides moisturize skin.
  • Goats milk has the closest PH level to our skin. This helps protect our skin from invading bacteria and chemicals.
  • Goats milk soap acts as a gentle exfoliator. It has alpha-hydroxy acids that soften the skin by breaking down the glue that holds dead skin cells together.

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